Sponsors & contributors to the Arendal Code Lab

The code lab wouldn’t be able to run without the generous help of the following companies:

We are always looking for more sponsors and contributors to the code lab to help cover as many topics as we can when we’re teaching.

By supporting the Arendal Code lab, your company shows that you care about the future of children and young people in Arendal.

The code lab has access to equipment for teaching, but it’s limited in quantity — Ideally, we’d love to have enough equipment to teach 20-30 students without them needing to bring their own laptops or hardware.

Our courses are free to attend and because of this, we rely on the help of our sponsors to fund the equipment needed to teach courses throughout the year.


Adafruit Circuit Playground

This little gizmo is a whole lot of electronic equipment packed into a tiny space. It contains RGB lights, sensors, microphones, speakers, serial communication, IR and more.

These devices are similar to the micro:bit, but have much more built into them to allow the students to explore a plethora of projects.

Raspberry Pi Zero W

The smallest, cheapest computer we could find. A lightweight OS with Internet connectivity allows us to build projects with internet capabilities. Such as sending commands to trigger switches based on logic from several languages.

Yes, I would like to sponsor the Code Lab

Fantastic, that’s what we like to hear. Send us an email to sponsor@makerspace48.no